Elana Jagoda Kaye joined the staff of Peninsula Temple Beth El, in San Mateo California, in 2004 and has served as the full-time Cantorial Soloist since 2007. In addition to leading Shabbat and High Holy Day worship services, Elana conducts engaging tot-Shabbats, prepares students for B’nai Mitzvah and teaches in all of their education programs. 

In 2007, Elana released her first solo album, Zum Gali Gali. Her 2nd CD, Uri Uri, is a creative fusion of musical styles that elegantly speaks to both kids and adults alike. Both CDs have been selected for national distribution through the PJ Library program. Elana’s third album Im Ruchi, is a beautiful collection of Shabbat melodies produced for the Beth El community.  Elana's most recent release, Seder Song Revival is a creative contemporary take on Passover music.

Elana’s original music has been featured on several CD compilations including  PJ Library albums, the URJ's Ruach series, Craig Taubman's Jewish Lullabies, and the Women of Reform Judaism's Centennial Tribute CD, Limdu Heitiev.   

Elana plays family concerts at synagogues, museums, festivals and community centers across the country. Past appearances include the Contemporary Jewish Museum, the ToLife! Festival, the East Bay Jewish Music Festival, the Chicago Jewish Music Festival and the URJ Biennial.   She has also played concerts for the PJ Library and the Bureau of Jewish Education. Elana loves spending time at camp and has served as guest music faculty for KUTZ Camp and Camp Newman.  Additionally, Elana and her husband Saul, have served as artists-in-residence for the Wexner institute.

Elana and Saul live in the San Francisco bay area with their two kids Elijah and Bayla.

To book Elana for a concert please send an email to elanajagoda@gmail.com

We discovered Elana's CD and love it. My two boys start the day with it in our way to school every morning. 
-Erica Mirochnik in Montreal Canada  


Your Zum Gali Gali CD has quickly become a family favorite! Thanks to you and thanks to the PJ Library. 
- Liz Foreman in Ohio 


My kids totally love your music. They've been listening to the entire Uri Uri CD every night when they are in their beds for weeks...It makes them really really happy. Thanks for the music! 
-Tony Mogelson in Minneapolis, Minnesota 

I wanted to email you and let you know how much I LOVE YOUR Zum Gali CD! The music is so wonderful. I don't know who loves it more: me or my 3-1/2 yr old son (who loves the la-la of David Melach Yisroel) or my 1 yr daughter who bops her head in time with Zum Gali. Your music is so refreshing, so wonderful, and so Jewish. Thank you for making such a brilliant CD. 
-Cari Schueller 

We just got your CD through the PJ Library and my son LOVES your version of Zum Gali Gali - we have listened to it about a hundred times in the last two days! 
-Melissa Weininger 

We received Zum gali gali from the PJ Library and absolutely love it. My oldest daughter (2 1/2) dances and likes to sing along. It is a great way to introduce her to good Jewish music. Thank you for brightening our days! 
-Daniel Lieber 

My son received your CD through PJ Library and our whole family loves your music, thank you. 
-Kristen Miller 

I recently received Zum Gali Gali through PJ Library and my kids and I have been loving it. 
-Julie Geller